High High Banking continued

Pump #1 was located at the rivers edge. It's output hose was 100 feet of 1 1/2" hose to pump #2. 

This is pump #2

This is a telephoto shot of the distance from pump #2 to the high banker. This is very deceiving as there is 200 foot of 1 1/2" hose between pump #2 and the high banker.

Pump #2 hookup

This is pump #2's hook up. The line at the left of the picture is the line from pump #1. This is going into the suction port of the pump. The gray line is going to the high banker. This primed automatically as pump #1 pumped water through pump #2. By running pump #1 full throttle, enough water was obtained to run the high banker. I wouldn't like to run the motor full throttle all day though.

From about 20 feet from the river

This was taken about 20 feet from the river. There was too much brush to take it from the rivers edge. The high banker is sitting behind the tree.

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Country Roads Courtesy of Gary Allen
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